James Stubblefield

James Stubblefield

Reading Glue Inc.


Founding startups
Growth hacking
Lean startups
Open source
Product design
Social entrepren.


Developer / Engineer
Ruby on Rails




Vincent Cabansag
Director of Operations | MATTER
Mike McGee
Co-founder | The Starter League
Salma Saad
Founder and President | Schoolishness LLC
Daniela Bolzmann
Boss Lady @WeDelivr | WeDeliver
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James Stubblefield
In 2011 I was introduced to the lean startup concept.  It helped me figure out how to quickly validate the riskiest parts of an idea that I was working on.  In only three months I was able to validate my assumed customer segment and the problem they faced.  Guess what?  My...
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James Stubblefield
Last week I received an email from Mrs. Sokolinski's third grade students inviting me to come in and speak with them.  It wasn't really an invite for me to speak, but an opportunity for me to hear their feedback and suggestions after using Reading Glue for the past month.
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James Stubblefield
I get asked all the time "Why do you commute all the way downtown to work when you do not really need to be down there?"  The answer is simple.  I love working in a collaboritive enviroment with people who are just as hungry as me to build a sucessful business.  A place that I am...
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James Stubblefield
Two months ago I decided to quit my job and work on Reading Glue full time.  I reviewed everything that we learned in problem and solution interviews, and I realized that over the past few months I was building a solution that did not totally match what my customers had told me they needed....
James Stubblefield
Last week I called it quits with my current career of working for Chi Cheng, a Taiwanese based electronics manufacturer.  I wanted to share some of my lessons learned from the past ten and a half years working in sales, engineering, and project management.

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