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Jasmine Slivka
Expanding on our release earlier today, we would like you to meet our Top 10 Finalists for Chicago's Coolest Startup. We are eager to hear their presentations on Thursday at 1871's "Chicago is Cool" Pitch Night. (Tickets are selling quick -- hurry and get yours) 
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Jasmine Slivka
14 days and over 200 nominations later, Chicago has spoken and the 50 "Coolest" Startups were published today! If you have not already heard; the CEC, in conjunction with the Sixth Annual Momentum Awards Dinner, has launched a city-wide contest to identify Chicago's Coolest Startup. 
VIEWS: 3,779
Jasmine Slivka
In conjunction with the Sixth Annual Momentum Awards Dinner on October 2nd at Millennium Park, the CEC, is announcing the launch of the first annual city-wide contest to identify 
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