Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter

West Loop Ventures, Hyde Park Angels


co-founded Hyde Park Angels. Was a trader, and traded my own money-contrary to a lot of guys out there-I wasn't a broker. My word is my bond. Try to help you out even if I am not invested, and seek to make Chicago the best place around for supporting startups. We have a good base, but can do more.

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West Loop Ventures, Hyde Park Angels

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“ Recently, I have read a couple of articles about the startup scene in Chicago.  In one, Kelly Raymond makes some excellent arguments about why Chicago should be a startup hub.  There have been other articles in the past about it.  In a closed group o... ”
“ This is a topic that isn’t talked about enough.  There are few blogs on it.  But, it’s important because it happens a lot.  It also depends on perspective.  VC’s sometimes view angel capital invested in seed and early rounds as dead equity.  Even if... ”
Jeff posted a blog: Bitcoin Exchange Regulations
“ The blog TBI has a piece up on the state of bitcoin.  In it he identifies one of the challenges of bitcoin: No kidding.  There isn’t one exchange that runs the business like an exchange.  At the Bitcoin conference in Chicago, I quizzed a budding Chin... ”
“ My kids are older.  They're 23 and 21.  Both grew up in the city.  When they graduated from Francis Parker, they and all their friends went all over the country to college.Now that they are graduating, the pull of Chicago is bringing t... ”
“ Yesterday I wrote about the downward trend in entrepreneurship among people under the age of 30.  Today on Twitter, a lot of people from Silicon Valley were disputing the claims of the article I linked to.  Some questions were around how the data was... ”
“ The trend is clear.  Younger people used to start a lot more entrepreneurial type businesses in years past than they do today.  Only 3.6% of businesses today are started by people less than 30.  In 1989, it was 10.6%.  However, the cost to start a bu... ”
Jeff posted a blog: You Can Be Brilliant
“ There is a lot of consternation over diversity in tech.  One of the ways to build diversity in tech is to train people.  Get them up to speed, then let them find their way in the tech world. Our educational system in the US continues to churn out sub... ”
“ Jason Calcanis wrote a great post on angel investing.  In it, he outlined many of the pitfalls of being an angel.  There are more reasons to be an angel than just simply rate of return, but let’s be honest.  Most of us are out there looking to maximi... ”
Jeff posted a blog: Do You Mean What You Say?
“ Trust and ethics is being examined a bit in the startup world.  So often, people aren’t real.  How many times do VCs say, “We’d like to continue talking” or “Come back in a couple of months and let’s talk again.”   It really means they are passing.  ... ”
Jeff posted a blog: Who Needs a Bank?
“ Yesterday, Roger Ehrenberg of IA Ventures sent out some thought provoking tweets. Here’s one. Yesterday, JP Morgan ($JPM) reported earnings slipping by 7%. Additionally, there was a NY Times article where Jaimie Dimon said, “Banks are under assault”.... ”

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Jeff Carter
My kids are older.  They're 23 and 21.  Both grew up in the city.  When they graduated from Francis Parker, they and all their friends went all over the country to college. Now that they are graduating, the pull of Chicago is bringing them home.  For many, the pull of the...
Jeff Carter
Veterans Day is on Tuesday.  Of course, stores will have good sales.  The holiday season is upcoming. But, take a moment and thank a veteran for your freedom. 
Jeff Carter
On October 21st, CATTECH VII will take place at the Illinois Science and Technology Park in Skokie.   The festivities start at 8am with an investor only meeting.  At the meeting, we will get to know each other better, and continue to figure out better and more ways to syndicate deals...
Jeff Carter is shutting down.  How will anyone schedule office hours efficiently?  When I am approached by people that want to get involved with the local startup ecosystem, one of the first things I tell them is to set up an account with, and start to mentor.     They...
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Jeff Carter
A friend of mine from New York that grew up in Chicago emailed me today.  She is looking for someone to bring The Feast to Chicago.  Here is some information about it.   The Feast Worldwide is a giant global roaming dinner party to imagine a brighter future.  Once a quarter,...

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