Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter

West Loop Ventures, Hyde Park Angels


co-founded Hyde Park Angels. Was a trader, and traded my own money-contrary to a lot of guys out there-I wasn't a broker. My word is my bond. Try to help you out even if I am not invested, and seek to make Chicago the best place around for supporting startups. We have a good base, but can do more.

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West Loop Ventures, Hyde Park Angels

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“ Chicago used to be a swamp. The name “Chicago” is an American Indian word for smelly onion. Now we call them ramps and they sell for a good buck on high class menus at fancy restaurants. A while ago, Fred Wilson blogged about how he didn’t like it wh... ”
Jeff posted a blog: What's A Sexy Startup?
“ What’s a Sexy Startup? Read a great interview with JB Pritzker.  I encourage you to read it too.  I agree with his sentiments.  Chicago is where the puck is going when it comes to growth in internet companies.  If you aren’t starting to play here, yo... ”
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“ Twitter CEO Dick Costello said,  “You start one monster company, maybe you were lucky, maybe you were in the right place at the right time. You found two billion dollar companies? You officially know what the hell you are doing. Nobody is that lucky.... ”
“ After GigaOm, The Non-VC “SimCity” Approach To Growing A Media Business I can’t speak with any authority about why GigaOm suddenly ran out of money. But I’ve already seen the rumblings about what it may mean for other tech and vertical publications.... ”
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Jeff posted a blog: Distruption in Finance is Here
“ Three things came across my desk yesterday.  I will share them. Here is a deck about the current state of banking. 50% of people have a bad opinion of banks. Commercial banking where you were able to forge a relationship with your personal banker is... ”
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Jeff posted a blog: #TrainTheMen
“ The following is a guest post from my friend Susan Mravca.   Susan is a Chicago based serial entrepreneur and someone you should know. Many of her ventures have been in the technology services sector. Susan is currently co-founding JuvodHR, a company... ”
Jeff posted a blog: Impressions of LA
“ My wife and I got out of the cold of Chicago for a few days.  We looked at going to Florida, but it was too expensive during high season-and Florida feels like God’s waiting room to me.  We wound up flying to the other coast.  We have a lot of friend... ”

recent blog posts

Jeff Carter
Just read off CB Insights where NYC did $4.5 Billion in VC funding last year.  That's awesome for them.  They have established an ecosystem that didn't exist before. Chicago shouldn't look and be mad that we only did $1 Billion in funding last year.  Instead, look at the growth in...
Jeff Carter
My kids are older.  They're 23 and 21.  Both grew up in the city.  When they graduated from Francis Parker, they and all their friends went all over the country to college. Now that they are graduating, the pull of Chicago is bringing them home.  For many, the pull of the...
Jeff Carter
Veterans Day is on Tuesday.  Of course, stores will have good sales.  The holiday season is upcoming. But, take a moment and thank a veteran for your freedom. 
Jeff Carter
On October 21st, CATTECH VII will take place at the Illinois Science and Technology Park in Skokie.   The festivities start at 8am with an investor only meeting.  At the meeting, we will get to know each other better, and continue to figure out better and more ways to syndicate deals...
Jeff Carter is shutting down.  How will anyone schedule office hours efficiently?  When I am approached by people that want to get involved with the local startup ecosystem, one of the first things I tell them is to set up an account with, and start to mentor.     They...
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