Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter

West Loop Ventures, Hyde Park Angels


co-founded Hyde Park Angels. Was a trader, and traded my own money-contrary to a lot of guys out there-I wasn't a broker. My word is my bond. Try to help you out even if I am not invested, and seek to make Chicago the best place around for supporting startups. We have a good base, but can do more.

I'm up for

meeting, casual drinks, Cub games, bike riding and finding out new things. I like to build relationships.


Founding startups
Lean startups
Sales/Biz Dev
Social media/PR
Women in tech


Type: Co-founder, Work for equity, Freelance or contract, Consulting, Full-time
Business Development


“ In the past couple of weeks I have been on some panels.  I will be on a panel early today at CATTECH VII up in Skokie.  It’s a conference put on by MRUN.  If you are in Chicago, come on up.  You will find it informative. There are tech transfer offic... ”
“ Chicago (PRWEB) October 21, 2014 NuCurrent, a leader in wireless power antenna technology, announces that the company has raised $3.48 million in a Series A round of funding from Independence Equity, Hyde Park Angels, Harvard Business School Angels... ”
Jeff posted a blog: Rewrite the OS
“ We are at one of the most exciting moments in history. At no other time has the distance between imagination and creation been so narrow. We now have the power to build the kind of world we could previously only dream of. With new tools such as 3D pr... ”
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Jeff Carter

Speaking at the conference tomorrow. If you have a free day, maybe attend?

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Jeff Carter
NGK spark plug (type BP6ES). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Jeff Carter
For several years, angel groups have tried to cooperate.  Dennis Serio lead the charge, and created a hold harmless document similar to the one they use in Ohio, and Silicon Valley.  It means that angel groups hold each other harmless on due diligence.   We won't sue each other if...
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Jeff Carter
Nice article about Bahar Wadia and UICO today in Crain's.  HPA was the first investor in back in early 2008.  Here is an excerpt of what they do.
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Jeff Carter
We talk a lot about the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Chicago.  A lot of people have put a lot of hard work and thought into the scalable start up ecosystem.  That's great.  My own personal opinion is that like a great novel,  Chicago has reached that plot inflection point....
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Jeff Carter
  Interesting discussion of tax policy nationwide.  
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