Julianne Tveten

Julianne Tveten

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I study RoR and write about tech. My greatest area of interest is ethics and social/civic initiatives in the tech industry.


Women in tech




Deepa Salem
Founder and CEO | McKinsey
Rebecca Miller-Webster
VP of Engineering | Polymathic LLC
Tessa McLean
Head of Content | Built In
Ashley Groves
Director of Growth | GiveForward
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Julianne Tveten
Visit a website, and watch a stranger work. It’s a concept that feels surreal, voyeuristic -- like a scenario in a dystopic science-fiction novel. To one Chicago startup, however, the idea simply offers a new, pragmatic way to learn.
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Julianne Tveten
During her 13-year tenure managing alumni relations systems at Northwestern University, Regan Holt noticed a serious technological problem. The record-management software available to universities was built on outdated frameworks, frustrating staff and alumni. Cloud-based applications were...
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Julianne Tveten
In 2003, Tarek Fadel enrolled in a class designed to prepare him for the bar exam, a notoriously rigorous standardized test used as a measure of the ability to practice law in a given jurisdiction. Eventually, he grew so discouraged he quit.“I found myself taking cookie-cutter bar-prep programs...
VIEWS: 1,292
Julianne Tveten
How much does your financial app tell you about your future? Probably not enough, says Mitch Hedditch.
VIEWS: 822
Julianne Tveten
There’s a common criticism that floats around the popular conscious: news sources, on the whole, are biased. It’s an easy conclusion to draw when comparing explicitly partisan channels like Fox News and MSNBC, but much of this disenchantment derives from the lack of original outlets with a truly...
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