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Kathryn Born
It’s quite possible that Chicago is the DIY capital of America. The grassroots and almost anti-authority tradition runs so deep, it’s no wonder that when manufacturing evolves into an act you can accomplish outside of the established channels, so blooms a giant scene that utilizes the latest...
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Kathryn Born
Innovation Factory Hosts 3D Printing Workshop in West Loop
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Kathryn Born
Everyone at Built in Chicago is invited to nominate themselves or others for the  Innovation Factory Magic Cube. This West Loop retail/design location has created a 3D puzzle that has 3,000 x's more possible combinations than a http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hmbthzn7qqc. If you think you can...
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Kathryn Born
Opus is a passive amplifier & stand for Apple products. Chicago, IL
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