Kenneth Obel

Kenneth Obel

Founder & Principal

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Business Formation Advanced
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Labor & Employment Basic
Risk Management Advanced
Taxation Basic


Founder & Principal


Christine Nentwig
Principal/Owner | River North Employment Law

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Kenneth created a new company profile: goodcounsel
“ goodcounsel, one of the leading law practices in Chicago for startup companies and entrepreneurs, is a small law practice with larger ambitions. goodcounsel’s practice is focused on the initial structuring of companies, the relationships between c... ”

recent blog posts

Kenneth Obel
Howard Tullman of 1871 has sparked some great discussion with his post here on BIC (and the related article in Inc. Magazine entitled "5 Ways to Stop Legal-Fee Madness") about startup legal costs. It's a great piece, well worth reading.
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Kenneth Obel
People keep telling me that a straight one-year cliff on equity vesting is "standard." Maybe so, but in most cases, I think it's pretty stupid. Anyone sacrificing current compensation for equity should think hard before accepting it.And regardless of what the legal provisions say, companies should...
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Kenneth Obel
A lot of my founder clients walk in the door having already decided to split equity evenly. It's causing me to think a lot about this issue. I just added a post to my professional blog on the subject. (I have copied it below.) I am very much interested in hearing others' thoughts and,...
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Kenneth Obel
I have had bikes on my mind lately (which is not unusual). I recently suggested that if you are an entrepreneur or a small company executive, you should have a lawyer who rides his bike to work.
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Kenneth Obel
From time to time, I come across startup companies that include a section on their About Us or FAQ pages about investment opportunities. As someone who started a company, I completely understand the inclination to do this -- if someone out there loves the company you are building and wants to...
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