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Companies love to trumpet their latest digital successes. What they don’t often do is distinguish activity from achievement. Here are a few strategies that will keep you ahead of your competition in the digital marketing game.
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In Part 1 of this series, we shared data that made it clear that the desirable demographics of smartphone and tablet users heighten the need for a strong mobile strategy now. But we believe, and have proven, that a strong mobile strategy requires a need to invest in an integrated channel strategy...
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Closing the Mobile Marketing Loop Part 1: Is The Mobile Consumer Right For My Business? Previously, we’ve discussed how to implement a closed loop strategy in digital marketing, and how it allows for not only data-driven results, but also a higher level of trust and goal alignment in the agency-...
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In our previous series, we discussed the benefits of deploying a closed loop strategy to ensure that every dollar spent is optimized to result in bottom-line impact. But there is another benefit that comes with the advent of a closed loop approach—the ability to enable performance-based...
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In Part 3 of our Closed Loop series, we discussed approaches that will refine your marketing investment in media channels by buying at a consumer level vs. a site/channel level with a constant balance of scale, quality and ROI. 
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