Marian Mangoubi

Marian Mangoubi

Founder & CEO


Working to bring about gender parity by increasing the profile of women leaders across all industries via multimedia channels.


Founder & CEO

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Marian Mangoubi
Over the last year or so many people have asked where women tech entrepreneurs are.  Too often I've heard that there was a lack of us, but there has never been any solid data stating how many tech startups are founded by women.  People have made guesses based on the number of companies started by...
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Marian Mangoubi
I originally wrote this post for my site, Sassy CEO, as well as (formerly Flyover Geeks).  It appeared on on 3/9/11.  
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Marian Mangoubi
I originally wrote this post for my site, Sassy CEO, and for (formerly Flyover Geeks).  It appeared on (formerly Flyover Geeks) on 3/9/11.     I recently met with Erica Bethe Levin and Jessica Zweig, co-Founders of an amazing online magazine called CheekyChicago. We met at ...
Marian Mangoubi
Desiree Vargas Wrigley remembers how she felt when Hurricane Katrina hit.  At the time, she was working at the Kaufman Foundation.  She and her friends wanted to donate money, but they also wanted to be sure that their donations went directly to those most in need.     The desire to be able to help...
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Marian Mangoubi
I originally wrote this blog post for Women2.0, a non-profit organization in Silicon Valley that is working to increase the number of women tech entrepreneurs.  The post went live yesterday, June 8th.  Here it is in its entirety.   By Marian Mangoubi (Founder & CEO, Sassy CEO)
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