Matt Moog

Matt Moog



CEO of PowerReviews. Serial Tech Entrepreneur. Early stage investor. Former public company CEO. Founder of Viewpoints, Built In, FireStarter Fund


Data visualization
Founding startups
Growth hacking
Interaction design
Product design


Business Development
To my tech friends I am more of a business/finance/entrepreneur. To my business/finance friends I am more of a tech guy.



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“ Great story. thanks for sharing.... now I need to go place an order ”
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“ Another great post Howard but I have a different point of view. As someone who uses Google Apps, Maps and Search nearly every hour, and Facebook once a week and Twitter once a day and Amazon once a month, I would not be so quick to dismiss the imp... ”
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Matt Moog
As a member of the Chicago tech community some of you know that I founded Viewpoints eight years ago.  We recently acquired PowerReviews and I wanted to share some of the back story with you as way to tell our story and in the process help other entrepreneurs on their journey.
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Matt Moog
Last night I read through Adrian Holovaty's recap of a talk he recently gave about Chicago's startup community.  He made a compelling argument that Chicago should embrace and own the identity of the "bootstrapper" city.
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Matt Moog
          The official news announced today is a huge deal for the Chicago tech community.  We are about to have 3,000+ more engineers, designer, marketers and other professionals who wake up every day thinking about how to lead the way in the massive global shift to...
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Matt Moog
In about an hour I am going to 1871 to sit down with the Excelerate Labs companies to talk about some of the lessons I have learned about how to manage your board.  I thought I would try and boil down the advice to five big points and also post them here for anyone else to comment on or add...
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