Mike Armstrong

Mike Armstrong

Content Specialist


I'm a versatile writer based in Chicago. I write copy, blogs, short fiction, articles, social media... pretty much anything you can throw at me, I can write. I'm also a homebrewer, beer drinker, open-source enthusiast, guitarist, and I'm pretty good at Halo. I am UrbanBound's Content Specialist, which allows me to learn and write about tons of different locations so that relocating employees will have a better grasp of their new cities.


Cloud computing
Open source
Social media/PR


Marketing & PR
content writing
PR and social media


Content Specialist

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Mike Armstrong
Remember when smartphone announcements were pretty much the coolest thing ever? Ok, that might be an exaggeration, but after yesterday’s big Apple event, it’s difficult to picture a world where we were all so blown away by a phone that many of us felt the need to camp out in front of stores waiting...
VIEWS: 132
Mike Armstrong
Today’s business blogosphere has a tendency to scrutinize so many aspects of work-life that people can have passionate arguments about things most of us didn’t even know existed. Kind of like 24-hour news cycles, the world produces so much content that eventually we have to start talking about...
VIEWS: 178
Mike Armstrong
Companies put a lot of effort into their hiring practices, and for good reason. A bad hire can end up costing a lot of money. In fact, replacing a bad hire can end up costing more than the position’s annual salary. That’s why we’re seeing a lot more focus on hiring and candidate evaluation metrics...
VIEWS: 262
Mike Armstrong
Today’s job market is a  little bit chaotic. America’s workforce is still trying to find itself as it climbs out of one of the worst periods in history for unemployment.
VIEWS: 201
Mike Armstrong
UrbanBound has experienced rapid growth over the past year both internally and externally, and we could not be more excited about the opportunity to spread our product!
VIEWS: 363

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