Mike Fisher

Mike Fisher

Co-founder / CEO
Storymix Media


Co-founder / CEO

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Mike asked a question: Sublet / sublease West Loop office
“ Looking for a 600 - 1000 sq ft office space in the West Loop. Shared, sublet, or sublease acceptable.Let me know if you have info anything available.Thanks. ”

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Mike Fisher
Have you ever heard of Plug and Play Tech Center in Silicon Valley?  I first learned about them when one of our advisors suggested that we enter our company, Storymix Media, into the “Pitch at Plug and Play Spring Expo” Contest.
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Mike Fisher
Most videos people take are lucky to make it Facebook or YouTube.  Those that do are usually not worth the time spent watching them.  And if you shoot video on your iPhone most of the footage isn't worthy of sharing.  Storymix's new app solve those problems (for wedding couples to start) by...
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Mike Fisher
I was at the Funding Feeding Frenzy last week as a presenting company for my startup Storymix Media, (an automated video creation platform).  When I had mentioned to a few friends in the startup / tech scene in Chicago that we were attending, the first reaction I got was, huh, I thought that thing...
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