Adam Calica

Adam Calica

Head of Product


I do a smorgasbord of startup things.

I'm up for

Meeting and talking about anything related to startups and technology.


Growth hacking
Product design


Product Management


Adam Calica has a new connection.
Adam Calica has a new connection.
Adam Calica has a new connection.
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Adam Calica

No problem, been meaning to go to one of your labs, I hear they're awesome.

Adam Rezko

Thanks for the promotion, and cool name ;)

Adam Calica

Ha, right back at you :)

Nirav Batavia

Thanks for promoting our post. I really love built in Chicago and what it is doing for our startup community.

Adam Calica

Of course, hope you get some good feedback from your survey!

Dave Kaufman

Adam looks like you like to promote good reading. Thanks for promoting my latest syndicated column on BiC. Is there a way to follow you on the BIC site?

You just got a new Twitter follower. :-)

Tim Higginson

Hi Adam: Thank you for promoting my post. Best, Tim Higginson

Mark Des Biens

Hi Adam - Thanks for promoting my post. Have a great weekend!

Mike Moyer

Thanks for promoting my post!

Adam Calica

Of course! Thanks a lot for posting!

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