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Prash Sabharwal
If you’re anything like me, people tend to not Like you. They see you multiple times a day, but no matter how many impressions you rack up, they just don’t seem to want to talk to you. But along comes this really likable guy (let’s call him Andy) and you guys hit it off and become friends.  (...
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Prash Sabharwal
Writer's note: I originally wrote this post with this great backburner metpahor that ultimately didn't pan out, so I'm keeping the title out of nostalgia for the first draft. Stovetop designed by Hakan Yalcin from The Noun Project
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Prash Sabharwal
With the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy that is the Internet at our fingertips, the way we learn is changing. Join us for a discussion on the implications of tech on education with guest host Mrs. Judd's Games.
Prash Sabharwal
Today I was on hold for customer service at a relatively new company that positions itself as hip. To reinforce this fact, the hold music raging through my speakers like a running of the bulls was equally as hip (imagine a recreation of a Feist song without vocals or feeling.)
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