Raman Chadha

Raman Chadha

The Junto Institute


Currently launching an educational institute that develops leadership capabilities, emotional intelligence, and management skills of early-stage founders...a mashup of a post-accelerator and an executive MBA. Clinical Professor at DePaul University, where I also launched and ran the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center for eight years. Prior to that, ran a strategy and growth management consulting firm for startups and small firms.


Founding startups
Lean startups
Sales/Biz Dev
Social entrepren.
Social media/PR


The Junto Institute

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Raman Chadha
The application deadline for the next cohort of The Junto Institute is one week away, on July 26.
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Raman Chadha
  I'm pleased to announce the launch of The Junto Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership, a new school that develops leadership capabilities, emotional intelligence (EI), and management skills of startup founders.
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Raman Chadha
Ethics has become a core element of most business schools, either as courses, majors, or strategic thrusts. But in almost all these cases, the context tends to skew towards big business. What rarely ever gets discussed – never mind being the basis of a full course – is ethics in the context of...
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Raman Chadha
  Two minutes after I walk in, I see Galen and shake his hand. He tells me that as he and Ryan were coming up the stairs, they were remarking how wild it was that 150 people were going to show up at the Catapult holiday party. Just a year prior, they couldn’t have imagined it.
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