Ripal Vyas

Ripal Vyas

Softweb Solutions Inc


Ripal Vyas is the driving force for the company’s push into the latest technologies, including the Internet of Things. He provides the leadership to the company when it comes to exploring how to make existing processes smarter with IoT. It is due to his thought leadership that Softweb Solutions is now one of the leading IoT services and solution providers in the Midwest.

I'm up for

Being a co-founder
Discussing growth ideas


Agile development
Open source
User experience


Project Management 7+ years
IoT solutions
Mobile Computing
mobile sales apps creator




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Ripal Vyas has a new connection.
Ripal Vyas has a new connection.
“ ABOUT EVENTThe market for artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is flourishing. IDC estimates that the AI market will grow from $8 billion in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020. Softweb Solutions has embraced the arrival of artificial intellig... ”
Ripal Vyas has a new connection.
Ripal Vyas has a new connection.
“ ABOUT EVENTThe mixed reality experience that Microsoft HoloLens offers blends together the elements of virtual world with real environment. It is one of the best MR devices in the market and gives the user an interactive experience that is not possib... ”
Ripal Vyas has a new connection.
“ ABOUT EVENTChatbots have gained a special place in the list of trending technologies that businesses are eager to try. However, businesses are not sure how to get started or what are some of the best practices when implementing chatbots for their ent... ”
“ ABOUT EVENTThe “Internet of Things” refers to the collection of everyday objects that have the capability to connect with each other, sense environmental and system changes, and increase the computing power of all the connected objects. W... ”
Ripal Vyas has a new connection.

recent blog posts

Ripal Vyas
Chicago, Illinois July 13, 2017 – To transform Milner Library into a smart library and provide better experiences to its patrons, Illinois State University has joined hands with Softweb Solutions. As a result of brainstorming sessions with Illinois State University’s Milner Library...
Ripal Vyas
Chicago, IL – May 29, 2017 – Softweb Solutions is now the official sales partner of ODG smartglasses. The Osterhout Design Group has designated Softweb Solutions as its “sales representative”. ODG is well known in the augmented reality market for its R-7 and its...
Ripal Vyas
ESD has been an internationally recognized leader in the development of Intelligent Buildings for years. To provide better clarity and competitive advantage to their clients, ESD has created an Intelligent Building Group dedicated to helping them navigate through the maze of Intelligent-Building...
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Ripal Vyas
Chicago, IL] – [March 15, 2017] – Softweb Solutions is a networking sponsor of the Industrial IoT USA summit, which is to be held on 18th – 19th April, 2017 in Chicago. Industrial IoT USA is the second annual event in a global series that highlights the digital transformation...
VIEWS: 240

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