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Seyi Fabode
Contrary to popular belief startups aren’t a roller-coaster ride. Startups are a bull-ride. With a roller-coaster you see what’s coming (if you keep your eyes open). The goal of the bull/bull-ride is to throw you off and you’re just working to stay on the ride. That’s exactly how it feels with a...
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Seyi Fabode
Here's a cautionary tale of two Chicago tech companies.
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Seyi Fabode
It's still a great time to be working on a startup in Chicago.  Companies are getting funded and new ideas are being presented at events like BIC Launch and Technori pitch. But for how long?
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Seyi Fabode
It’s the annual pilgrimage to Austin’s SXSWi (South By Southwest Interactive) for what is fast becoming a bloated expression of all that the people who are not in technology detest about the industry: postulation (in the form of panels) and self-promotion (in the form of product launches).

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