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Shahab Kaviani

Hi Stella, enjoyed reading your recent blog post here. Check out this post Michael Hughes just did, this may be helpful for your Entrepreneurs Unplugged community too.

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Stella Fayman
  Every day, we work with business people just like you who want a talented web or mobile developer to turn an idea into a working product. Here are our top recommendations for anyone beginning this process: 1. Write down and share your business plan to show developers you are...
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Stella Fayman
Are you thinking abot raising money for your startup? Are you not sure what the advantages are either way? The first time we raised money for a startup, we relied on advice from experienced entrepreneurs who had been there before to be a resource. Yes, as they said, it took much, much longer than...
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Stella Fayman
  It was in last year’s New Year’s resolution, and every year you can remember: Start your own business.
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Stella Fayman
What keeps entrepreneurs up at night? This is something I've been thinking a lot about lately: having launched a brand new company (matchist), I'm constantly worried about getting new customers. Five years from now when the business (hopefully!) will be more established...will I have the same...
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Stella Fayman
Do you love innovation? Technology? Do you hate dumb city regulations? It's hard to believe a city that is dedicated to entrepreneurship and innovation could be killing Uber.  Uber, a valued participant in the Chicago startup community, needs our support! I have no affiliation with Uber other...
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