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Tom Brown
If you have spent time searching for a home near a train station, then you probably felt some pain in trying to match up the address with a train station, and figuring out the distance to the train station.  Although this problem has become less painful over the years, especially when google...
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Tom Brown
I have been chasing good UX/UI for months now, and I have realized two things. 1. Good UX/UI is not easily developed, and 2. I am not a natural at good UX/UI design. I have started looking to others to help guide the UX decisions, and my best insight so far has come from watching people use...
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Tom Brown
Imagine what it would be like to have the website that you lovingly coded into existence go dark.  I experienced this unfortunate circumstance last week, and I liken it to a less intense version of losing a child temporarily in public.  First concern, then panic, then a period of insanity where...
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Tom Brown
I recently did a soft launch of my Beta 2.0 site:  The site allows users to search properties for rent or for sale near train stations.  This site also provides a ranking of all Chicago neighborhood elementary schools (PreK-8), and the ability to see properties for rent or...
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