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Troy Henikoff

Managing Director


Serial entrepreneur helping build the Chicago startup scene.


Founding startups
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Managing Director

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Troy Henikoff has a new connection.
Troy Henikoff has a new connection.
“ Reason #247 why there is nobody (of any sex, religion, race) better to represent Chicago and to take the BuiltIn concept (and values!) around the world. I am proud to have the privilege of knowing you, working with you and being part of this communi... ”
Troy Henikoff has a new connection.

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Troy Henikoff
  This fall, I have been taking the “Rails for Designers” class at Starter League.  Many people have asked me why, and I had a trite (but true) answer that “I want to be able to build things again!”    I was a developer years ago, my first company was a custom software shop...
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Troy Henikoff
This is just one of the reasons that I LOVE Chicago, it is beautiful.  Sorry if this is not startup related, but take 3 minutes and enjoy it... Cityscape Chicago from Eric Hines on Vimeo.
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Troy Henikoff
  This summer, one of the Excelerate companies has launched a beta version of their site, and wants to test what the demand for a service that prints and mails individual photos might be.  So, they have decided to offer the first thousand photos for free.
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Troy Henikoff
Do you have a phenomenal idea for a startup? Are you building a team? A product? A company?  
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Troy Henikoff
I am looking for help...  I am writing a piece on the Chicago startup scene and how it has dramatically transformed in the last few years.  While I have my own opinions, I am looking for input from others on what the critical components have been and how they have impacted what is happening.  I...
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