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Walid Mohammad
You have an open managerial position.  Is it better to hire within the human resources you already have or should you look outside your organization for new talent?  Consider these points to determine the right way for you to find your next star employee. Cultural fitOne important aspect...
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Walid Mohammad
  It’s no surprise that a vast majority of jobs today require employees to spend most of their time in front of a computer screen. As technology progresses, we become more and more dependent on computer technology to get tasks done. It’s pretty hard to imagine our lives without computers. Yet...
Walid Mohammad
Gearing up for 4th of July weekend? Here's some helpful wellness tips for you and your family.  1. Check it out. First things first. When you arrive at the party, wait at least 30 minutes before eating. This will give you time to relax, get comfortable in your surroundings, and survey your...
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Walid Mohammad
Violence can happen anywhere at anytime. The work environment can cause stressors that may lead an individual to commit a violent act in the workplace. In this webinar you will learn to identify causes, risks, legal implications, and costs associated with workplace violence as well as potential...
Walid Mohammad
The season for hiring interns is approaching fast. Is your company thinking about or already implementing an internship program? Internships can have numerous advantages for both the company and the student participating. Here are some best practices to create great experiences for your interns and...
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