MarketSquare Expands to Meet Overwhelming Demand

Sally Leaf

The concept of a market square isn't new.


Town centers once had impressive open-air markets where locals could buy and sell things transparently. But the world moved beyond the single marketplace solution. Now, there are millions of retailers to buy from and the entire internet to sell that stuff back to.


The concept for MarketSquare isn’t new, either. It looks back to a time when business ran more simply.


MarketSquare was founded two years ago on a single premise: to reimagine that traditional idea of a local marketplace and make it speak today's language-- technology. With an integrated e-commerce and logistics infrastructure, we started out with a decidedly "not Craigslist" approach to buying and selling furniture and home decor.  


We knew consumers wanted to buy local through a platform they could trust. The MarketSquare approach--of looking back and charging forward--gave customers a traditional sense of dependability with all the convenience technology provides.


Since opening our doors in 2015, MarketSquare has grown from a couple items in an abandoned Pilsen warehouse to a state-of-the-art facility in Bridgeport. We doubled our delivery fleet, tripled our warehouse space and plan to double that capacity again this year.


Keeping delivery services in-house is core to the MarketSquare innovation. If you buy from us, we won’t only make sure white-glove delivery happens on your schedule, we offer the same convenience and control when you’re ready to sell.


Our space is getting bigger and so is our staff. If you have a passion for furniture or interior design and are interested in being a part of a high-growth consumer technology company, we’d love to hear from you. Email us at [email protected].  

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