These 5 games were built by Codeverse's kid programmers

Brad Schnitzer

Codeverse, the interactive coding school for kids, recently ended its first summer program. The highlight for many of the students was creating games using KidScript, the school's kid-friendly language that draws on JavaScript, Python, Ruby and Visual Basic.


These five games were all created by Codeverse students using KidScript. Check them out and see if you can master them all!


Flying Turtles

by Krish M

Fly the turtle and his plane using the directional pad. Avoid the space players being launched. If the turtle or the plane is hit by one of the flying space players, a coin is lost. Lose all three coins and the game is over.


My Game

by Liv M

Using the directional, pad move the cat back and forth to avoid the falling blocks. The game is over when the cat gets hit by a block.


Luca 2.1

by Luca B

Push the buttons to explode different objects. If you explode the alien you win, but if you explode one of the players the game is over.


Dark Sparkles

by Izzie K

Using the directional pad, move/jump the cow from platform to platform to reach the treasure chest


Tiger's Pizza Quest

by Maggie D

Move the cat up the platform using the directional pad. Try and get into the cave!


If you want to learn more about what the Codeverse team is up to you can check them out here.

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