Sprout Social Passes Mark of 10K Paying Customers

May 1, 2013

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This spring has been a one big celebration so far for Sprout Social. Not only has the social media management development firm just passed the mark of 10,000 paying customers, but also of its third birthday.

How did Sprout make it so far in so little time? Enterprise – it’s the hot new word around the Sprout Social office lately.

“Throughout the last couple of years, we’ve realized our platform is well suited for large enterprises,” Andrew Caravella, Sprout Social’s VP of Marketing, said. “In general, we are starting to get larger and larger customers, which is great. To be honest, most people don't know that our enterprise customer roster is as large as it is.”

There are a few tools that make Sprout Social work well for large brands like McDonald’s, UPS and Pepsi. One of them is the newly-released Team Report, which reports on which team members respond to posts, how often and when they respond (a lifesaver for companies with hundreds of social media managers). The Engagement Report is another new tool that enables analysis of response times and rates.

“For us, social media and social business is an ongoing back and forth conversation,” Caravella said. “The new engagement records that we’ve got integrated into our reporting systems give you another layer of visibility.”

Visibility – and convenience – is what Sprout Social has been all about since it was founded three years ago by CEO Justyn Howard as a social media management software company.

Even now with a team of 70 and over 6 million social interactions processed each day through its platforms, Sprout Social is still serving its customers with even more new features to be released in the coming months.

“For us, it’s really about creating and maintaining a really incredible product that makes people’s lives easier,” Caravella said. “Especially in the social media space, things change every day: there are new networks, new competitors. We are just keeping our heads down and working hard and constantly trying to bring new and innovative features that we haven’t thought of.”

This constant innovation is also attracting a substantial amount of Global customers: about 30 percent of Sprout Social’s clients are outside the US.

“It just reinforces tremendous growth and exciting times for the company,” Caravella said. “We’ve always been proud of the product, but the fact that it has gained as much traction as it has around the world is huge.”

International customers and enterprise customers will continue to be an increasingly important part of Sprout Social in the future. Caravella said that since so many departments like sales and customer service are now intertwined on Facebook or Twitter, social media management for large corporations is a must; "Entire organizations must rely on social business to be successful."

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