2 Chicago food startups partner to bring you better meals

June 2, 2015
Two of Chicago's growing food startups are teaming up to deliver healthy, locally sourced meals to the Chicago area. 
Kitchfix, the healthy meal delivery service, has partnered with Foxtrot, the curated on-demand delivery service, to offer on-demand delivery of its fully-prepared meals in the Chicago area. Rotating Kitchfix menu choices are now available through Foxtrot's app, with delivery within an hour. Foxtrot will also offer Kitchfix menu items at The Market By Foxtrot, the company’s retail store in Lincoln Park. 
“We’re always looking for ways to expand our offerings to our customers, and this is the first time our meals have been available instantly, at the tap of a button on the Foxtrot app,” said Chef Josh Katt, CEO and founder of Kitchfix, in a statement. “This partnership allows our clients to enjoy our meals when they’re craving a satisfying, but healthy option, and are wanting a quick turnaround.”
Kitchfix recently announced its first storefront location in Gold Coast, which is set to open this summer. 
“We’re huge fans of Josh and his team at Kitchfix, and are thrilled to team up with them,” Michael LaVitola, CEO and co-founder of Foxtrot, said (pictured left). “Because we curate our selection so you never have to sacrifice quality for convenience, it was important to us to find options that reflect that and also pair well with the great product mix we already offer—after our own personal experience with Kitchfix, it was a no-brainer that its meals would be the perfect addition to Foxtrot.”
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