How 2 Chicago companies are teaming up to amp up mobile app security

by Sam Dewey
July 23, 2015


How secure are mobile apps, really? It’s a serious question that not all of us are able to face without feeling a sneaking sense of unease.

Thankfully, two Chicago companies are teaming up in a epoch-making move to ensure that most of us won’t need to stomach that question anytime soon.  

NowSecure, a mobile application security testing and analytics company, has partnered up with Vokal, a leading digital agency specializing in platform-agnostic app development and design, to champion a new generation of mobile apps backed by diamond-hard security.

On Thursday, Vokal’s clients—which range from startups to Fortune 500 giants—now have access to NowSecure’s industry-leading security expertise. The partnership makes Vokal the very first mobile-focused digital agency to offer a comprehensive cybersecurity solution.


“We needed to find a partner that was committed to being the best tool in the space, not just for today’s needs but also for anticipating the needs of tomorrow,” said Reid Lappin (pictured left), Vokal CEO, whose company not only builds apps for their customers, but also provides holistic mobile strategies for their evolving needs.

“Luckily, we were able to find one in our own backyard,” he said. “And they passed our litmus test with flying colors.”

That Vokal is pleased with what NowSecure brings to the table is perhaps unsurprising. Besides the litany of large-enterprise clients that rely on NowSecure’s solutions, the company is also a prolific researcher and educator that’s published six books in the past five years on security and leaky apps.

According to Andrew Hoog, CEO of NowSecure, the goal is to notify Vokal’s developers of a security flaw the moment it’s been introduced.


“It’s the most cost-effective way to solve security flaws,” Hoog said (pictured right). “You fix the bug immediately, before it has time to propagate, and you get to educate your developer in real time. Plus, there’s no risk to the brand or the app.”

And NowSecure knows security. The company previously disclosed a massive Samsung keyboard security flaw that affects over 600 million devices, according to their conservative estimates.

Hoog said providing impenetrable mobile security will become an “absolute requirement” within the next two to four years.

“I think it’s really exciting what Vokal is doing,” Hoog said. “We’re stoked to be partnered up with them. I think it’s a win-win for everyone involved.”

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