How Earshot and IBM are teaming up to eliminate social media white noise

by Sam Dewey
August 11, 2015



As companies continue to amp up their social media presences, it's becoming more difficult to hear a marketer’s message through all the noise.

That’s why Earshot, a Chicago-based social media marketing solution with clients like Spotify and Bank of America, is teaming up with IBM Watson to deliver precision-based, real-time relevancy metrics to help companies discover and connect with the right customers at the right time.

Earshot offers its enterprise customers a patent-pending algorithm called Decibel Level that assigns any social media post it screens with a relevancy score. The platform derives the score through a number of different factors, from posting location and time to keyword and logo usage. Using the score, clients can better identify prospective customers on social media so they can design more personalized engagement and conversion strategies.

“Earshot’s mission is to help humanize brands and bring them closer to consumers," said David Rush, Earshot founder and CEO in a statement. “Research has shown us that younger, savvy consumers want authentic conversations and relationships with brands and that social media is the most effective place to make this happen.”

Becoming an IBM Watson partner means Earshot has access to a host of cognitive technology that greatly expands the Decibel Level’s insight discovery potential. Now, the algorithm can add more variables in its computation like a user’s personality traits, making it easier to uncover new consumers that match the typical profile of a company’s customer. That way, brands have a better grasp of who their consumers are and when and where to engage them.

In other words, Earshot wants to mute white noise and turn up the volume for only the most promising consumers.  

“By leveraging the power of Watson as an IBM ecosystem partner, we can make Decibel Level an even smarter real-time index of relevancy to help our clients acquire and retain new customers at scale,” Rush said.

Earshot was founded in 2013 and raised a $1.7 million seed round in May of 2014.

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