5 Chicago tech companies helping rehabilitate healthcare

October 21, 2015

It’s no secret that technological innovation has led to mammoth progress in the realm of healthcare. Surgeons rely on cutting-edge, robotically-assisted procedures to reduce incision size and decrease healing time. Advancements in prosthetics lead to amazing new functions in artificial limbs. And tech-powered medical research pushes the boundaries of how we understand and treat the human body and disease.

But technology and healthcare have merged in a multitude of other arenas, driving the charge to provide a robust healthcare system that’s dedicated to improving outcomes and cutting cost.

And these five Chicago companies are at the forefront. Check them out:


How they’re changing things up: U.S. healthcare reform brings with it truckloads of challenges and pain points — but according to Procured Health, it also opens up the door for near-limitless opportunity and innovation. That’s why this growth-stage startup has kicked into high gear to build the software tools needed to manage clinical supply spend. By optimizing clinical product evaluation and eliminating unnecessary supply spending, both the healthcare provider and the patient can focus on the thing the matters most — staying healthy.


How they’re changing things up: Opternative is a prime example of how innovators can marry technology and healthcare to help change how people understand and receive care in the future. With Opternative — a physician-led provider of online eye exams — patients don’t even need to leave the comfort of their home to undergo an eye exam. Using their smartphone and a computer, users follow a series of visual and audio instructions to complete the exam. Along with a medical history, their results are sent to an ophthalmologist licensed in their state who will write prescriptions when needed.


How they’re changing things up: For Deerfield-based Veritas Health, an online publisher of health-related content, information reigns supreme. That’s why the company puts all its weight behind writing the highest-quality peer-reviewed and patient-friendly healthcare content in their vertical. Patients (and doctors) lean on the Veritas’ accessible suite of articles, videos, and books to stay on top of their care management, netting the company’s four sites an average of 20 million cumulative page views a month.


How they’re changing things up: Put simply, Emmi helps patients take a more active role in their healthcare. They provide easily accessible tools in digestible language across a number of devices to help encourage patients to invest in their own care. By getting patients more engaged in their treatment plans, Emmi helps to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs for both patient and provider. And healthcare providers benefit, too, because Emmi helps track compliance, treatment progress, and overall patient engagement — giving physicians more insight in their patient’s health.


How they’re changing things up: For many of us, navigating the world of healthcare is at best confusing and at worst a nightmarish, belittling experience that makes you never want to step foot in a doctor’s office again. That’s where Zest Health comes in. Their mission? To empower consumers to make smart, informed decisions about all of their health care needs. Zest Health’s mobile app, Smart Concierge, works with users to help them understand their health plans and benefit packages, schedule appointments, and provides 24/7 support so they can make cost-conscious, quality-centered decisions about their care.


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