Meet Walter and the rest of Chicago tech's cutest office dogs

November 4, 2015

Chicago, meet Walter.

Like a lot of dogs, Walter likes to play fetch, swim in Lake Michigan, and occasionally chase after his tail.

But this area pooch isn’t all fun and games. Since early 2012, Walter has also been a full-time team member at Shotfarm, and when he comes to work, he means business.

While his co-workers hammer away on Shotfarm’s main platform — a centralized digital asset management system that makes it easier for e-commerce retailers, marketers, and manufacturers to share product images and information— Walter has his own duties to attend to.

The mutt, who Shotfarm affectionately refers to as "Urban Terrier," spends his days making new hires feel at home and greeting guests. But his favorite job, according to Shotfarm’s general manager Rob Cardenas, is supervising meetings.

“Walter likes meetings so much he even knows how to open the conference room door,” Cardenas said.

In honor of all the hard-working Walters out there, here are some of Chicago tech’s cutest office dogs (not ranked in order of adorableness):


1. Narrative Science: Oscar


2. GoHealth: Byron


3. dough, Inc.: Calida


4. Punchkick: Brooklyn


5. Worthee: Westie


6. Built In: Maddie


7. 3Q Digital: Meet the Morale Associates

3Q Digital features all of their employees' dogs as "morale associates" on their team page. Check it out here. 


8. VISANOW: Dog fridge

At VISANOW, employees are encouraged to add a photo of their dog to the company "dog fridge."


Honorable mentions:


9. HighGround: Gus the goat

Gus is HighGround's office mascot. He "goes on adventures" — and even has his own Twitter handle! Follow him at HGDangerGoat.


10. Persio: Office rhino


Once a month, Persio gives out it Rhino Award to one of the company's team members, which is awarded to a someone who's overcome a difficult challenge and developed tough "Rhino Skin" in the process. 

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