6 awesome summer camps to get your kids into coding

May 13, 2016

At Built In Chicago, we talk a lot about the awesome opportunities at local coding schools like and

. Designed to help jumpstart your career in tech, bootcamps arm you with the skills you need to succeed at a company you can make a difference with. 

But what about are youngest techies? Kids are as proficient as ever at navigating a smart phone or browsing through Netflix, but those traits don't mean much when it comes to coding or programming. 

Now that your kid's summer vacation is upon us, don't let it go to waste. Here are 6 awesome opportunities to give your rugrat the most fun, tech-filled summer yet. 

1. Power Up Tech Academy 

Who they are: Power Up Tech Academy offers a combination of weekly classes and longer summer camps where kids can get roll up their sleeves and work with computers, learn to code, and build websites. 
Languages they work with: Scratch, HTML, Javascript, Python
Ages: There are special classes for kids five and up, eight and up, and ten and up.
Location: 2867 N Clybourn Ave

2. Alexa Café

Who they are: Alexa Café is an all-girls summer camp designed to help young women discover how awesome all facets of technology can be — including coding, website design, and entrepreneurship. 
Languages they work with: Java, Javascript
Ages: 10 to 15
Location: Lake Forest

3. GreenApple Campus

Who they are: GreenApple focuses on challenging participants of all ages to stretch their capabilities and tackle new tech problems. Their programs are rich with opportunities to dive into STEM projects, including digital media and tech, coding, and robotics. 
Languages they work with: Java, Swift
Ages: varies per program 
Location: 1871, CIE, DePaul, among others


4. iD Tech Camps

Who they are: From Minecraft modeling to filmmaking, robotics, web design, programming, and game design, iD Tech offers a catalog of computer-centric programs for kids and teens throughout the summer. 
Languages they work with: Java, C++
Ages: 7 to 17
Locations: Northwestern, Loyola, among others

5. Digital Adventures

Who they are: Digital Adventures breaks computer science down to its core building blocks (conditional statements, variables, loops, iteration, debugging, etc) and designs project-based curriculum to familiarize kids with the basics they need to build STEM-based problem-solving skills. 
Languages they work with: Scratch, HTML
Ages: Kids first through eighth grade 
Location: Wilmette

6. Kids STEM Studio

Who they are: Available through a number of options (like birthday parties, workshops, and camps), Kids STEM Studio is an engaging program looking to build the next generation of tech experts. The program introduces kids to robotics, engineering, coding, web design, and more. 
Languages they work with: Java
Ages: 3 to 14 
Location: 1319 S State Street, Chicago
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