Dive into data with jobs at these 6 Chicago companies

by James Risley
September 22, 2016

All the data in the world won’t help a company if no one can extract it, read it and turn it into an actionable insight that other people can work with. People work with all kinds of data to do all kinds of jobs, from recommending better food to stopping credit card fraud. Below, we found some of the best jobs in data and analytics in Chicago — and be sure to check out our full job board for more jobs in big data.  



What they do: A pioneer of the online food ordering movement, Grubhub has a lot of data on what people are eating. By connecting eaters, restaurants and delivery drivers, Grubhub helps people get the food they want, when they want it.

Data analytics jobs: Data Analyst, Cassandra DBA, Data Engineer

Perks and culture: Food! Employees get $18 to spend on Grubhub each week, plus free beverages, oatmeal, tea and coffee everyday. Periodic company outings, casual dress and designated recreational spaces all lead to a laid-back culture.




What they do: Civis Analytics is all about making data science easier and better. With plenty of data available, it can be hard to see the real patterns in the sea of numbers. Civis transforms data across industries, including healthcare, media, education and political campaigns.

Data analytics jobs: Senior Data Scientist - Statistics, Data Architect, Applied Data Science Manager

Perks and culture: In addition to commuter benefits and a 401(k) plan, employees also get ample vacation days and plenty of fun events like Halloween costume contests and monthly birthday celebrations.




What they do: Vail Systems helps companies connect via voice, facilitating millions of interactions around the country. Using proprietary technology, the company is collecting vast amounts of data on call quality, emotion and voice stress to predict load and even measure fraud propensity in real time. But all that relies on better understanding data.

Data analytics jobs: Data Scientist

Perks and culture: Vail believes that healthy employees are better employees. A range of health and wellness initiatives are available alongside frequent company events and collaborative work spaces.




What they do: The shipping industry is built on legacy communication tools, but project44 is looking to modernize things with intelligent web-service APIs that keep the entire supply chain informed about where things are.

Data analytics jobs: Data Scientist

Perks and culture: A tight company culture is embodied by the shared common working space. A laid-back style belies the fierce dedication to the product. Just check out this job listing to get a feeling for the company’s attitude.




What they do: With all of the sick people going through hospitals, keeping infections away can be tough. SwipeSense helps cut down on spreading sickness with a hand-hygiene compliance monitoring solution.

Data analytics jobs: Senior Database EngineerData Analyst

Perks and culture: Obviously, SwipeSense is focused on health. While employer contributions to medical, dental and vision insurance are an obvious plus, employees also get a daily grocery delivery of healthy snacks and unlimited vacation to make sure mental health stays as strong as physical health.




What they do: Discover’s credit cards are used by millions of people, and that means lots of data. From fraud protection to marketing needs, data is used in countless ways at the company.

Data analytics jobs: Project Manager, Analytics & Strategy; Senior Analytics Associate; Senior Manager, Agile Analytics

Perks and culture: With a culture that embraces innovation, you’ll always be working on something that drives Discover forward. Perks also include commuter benefits, a casual work environment and philanthropic outings.



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