13 Chicago edtech startups modernizing how we learn

November 18, 2016

Bringing technology to education is a tricky proposition. Screens always have a chance to be distracting, but they can also provide personalized learning, interactive lessons and more. And they can help extend learning outside the classroom, helping lifelong learners take on new challenges and increasing employee skills.   

wyzant edtech company chicago

Learning doesn’t just happen in the classroom. Wyzant connects learners with tutors to help students and lifelong learners get a little extra help or dive deeper into a topic of interest. The platform asks students for a few questions and presents them with a selection of experts that can help. The app also handles scheduling and provides details on experts, so users can find the right tutor for any situation.

redshelf edtech company chicago

Textbooks are a real pain. Not only do they weigh a ton and cost nearly as much as a flight to Australia each year, but they also miss out on so much technology. However, RedShelf is bringing the textbook into the modern age by partnering with publishers to provide digital content. This not only adds needed tech improvements, but also brings down the cost.


frontline education edtech company chicago
frontline education

Teachers alone aren’t responsible for successful learning. Frontline Education offers schools the tools they need to properly run a school, including scheduling software, screening tools and insights into teacher and student performance.The company also helps schools tackle challenges that come with the increased pace of changes brought on by technology.

learncore edtech company chicago

Learning doesn’t stop at graduation. LearnCore helps companies with getting employees up to speed, offering a cloud-based training platform for sales and customer success teams. Not only do companies get in-depth training, building both knowledge and skill, but they can also track ROI from the system, measuring how effective training is to the bottom line.

benchprep edtech company chicago

While instruction can help students get through tough lessons, they’re not necessary for every learning opportunity. BenchPrep offers test prep for self-starters. And with plenty of tools for educators, student progress can be easily tracked and tutors can even create their own, monetized test prep courses for any subject.

instructure edtech company chicago

Schools have unique technology needs, including document transfers, online testing and handing out grades. Instructure provides all that in its Canvas software. It recently brought easy engagement to enterprises with Bridge, which offers a new take on corporate training.

packback edtech company chicago

For those who have no need to own textbooks, Packback offers e-textbook rentals and offers a platform for discussion on what’s inside them. By pairing traditional resources with crowdsourced questions, the company fosters a curious community of learners.

edovo edtech company chicago

Edovo strives to help incarcerated individuals learn new ideas and skills while detained, helping to rehabilitate inmates for when they’re released. The company’s secure tablet technology offers a broad array of content in self-directed lessons and offers a reward and certificate system to help inmates set goals and recognize achievements.

thinkcerca edtech company chicago

Every student is different and ThinkCERCA recognizes that. They help teachers develop personalized lesson plans that ensure students achieve more each year. The system also tracks student progress to ensure that they are on the right path for success.

leap innovations edtech company chicago
leap innovations

LEAP Innovations helps schools implement the latest technology to improve student outcomes. The company also serves as a hub for other edtech companies, offering them a platform to pilot and scale their software, working with educators to meet their needs.

classblox edtech company chicago

Classblox moves the classroom online. By offering instructor-led classes, tutoring and test prep on tablets and computers, the platform reaches K–12 students where they are. The classes can augment standard curriculum or let students dive into other areas of study.

learnmetrics edtech company chicago

Learnmetrics turns raw data from students into actionable insights. By aggregating and analyzing data, the software system provides the evidence needed to work with teams to improve education outcomes.

fletch edtech company chicago

Fletch provides students a place to ask questions, build study groups with fellow classmates and keep up with advising and financial aid tasks. But the company is also trying to solve college dropouts by tracking students and alerting educators at the first signs of an impending dropout.

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