, Chicago Lean Startup Challenge

September 5, 2014

The Chicago Lean Startup Challenge is an amazing opportunity to determine if your have a good business idea.  There are people that can answer your questions, give guidance, networking opportunities and much more.  The only bad thing that can be said about the Chicago Lean Startup Challenge is that it only runs once a year.

There were many great lessons learned during this challenge.  The most important lesson I believe is the importance of interviewing your intended customers to validate that they have a problem and are willing to pay for your solution.

So much is learned through the interview process that the importance can't be over stated.  If you talk to your customers and understand their pain you will find the best solution and maximize your business potential.

The second important lesson that I'll mention would be to build an MVP (Minimal viable product).  As budding entrepreneurs we envision this grand website with all the functionality in the world, bells and whistles etc.  Build the smallest thing you need to service the customer then add only what brings value to the customer or what allows the company to scale.

Thank you very much Chicago Lean Startup.  You helped me a bunch.  Hope I will be invited back to help with future classes!

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