Application Launch - - WordPress Configuration Tool

by Chris Chaudruc
May 13, 2013

  [ibimage==24495==Medium==]After working with WordPress for many years I decided to do something about the installation process that has really annoyed me. Don't get me wrong, the "up and running in under 5 minutes" installation guarantee is great but it is the post-install configuration that sucks up my time. I seem to always spend the next hour installing themes and plugins.

  I use WordPress for a lot of my clients and I have a base set of plugins that I like to install for most of my clients. Not to turn this into a "10 WordPress Plugins I Can't Live Without" post... here are a few of them:

- Contact Form 7(easy to configure multiple forms)
- Simple Captcha (keeps spam from coming through the forms)
- Contact Form 7 Save to DB (creates a viewable grid of all submitted forms and export tool)
- SI-Captcha (adds captcha to all comment and registration forms sitewide)
- All in One SEO (great seo suite)
- Google Analytics
- Google Webmaster
- Social Sharing
- Backup
- Custom Login page
- etc
- etc

  You get the idea - by the time I am done I have installed and activated around 15-20 plugins to create my perfect CMS suite. And if you figure each plugin takes 3-5 minutes to find, install and activate then you are looking at a chunk of time out of your busy day that you could be coding!

   So I built the custom WordPress installation tool. This allows WP developers to create custom WordPress configurations for their projects including all the plugins and themes needed in the installer zip. No more hunting for plugins and themes post-installation.  The installer zip configurations can be saved for future use - configure one zip for blogging, one for eCommerce, one for buddyPress, one for restaurants etc. The next time you need that "flavor" of WordPress you can just download it ready to go.

  I picked out some of the top plugins and themes in many different categories to offer our users - if you don't see it listed - don't worry! Developers can add their own custom or commercial plugins and themes to their profiles. Once stored they can be added to their zips. It's like having your own WordPress workbench all set up to go. Developers can keep their commercial themes and plugins stored and organized with serial numbers and licensing data.

  And finally developers can create a custom install.php file that will remove the starter post, page and comment and hello dolly plugin. More to come for this feature.

  If you use WordPress - please try out - it is the easy(er) way to install and configure WordPress for the WP BOSS.

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