Ask A VC: After concept, how do you pitch for an investment?

by Kevin Willer
December 9, 2012

Sebastian: I am not a social guy and neither can call myself an entrepreneur, but still learning. I have a working and proven concept the problem is that I have a hard time pitching my idea to investors. Where do I find investors interested in digital startups and where do I find those investors to pitch to? What would be a good starting point?  

Right now in Chicago there are a ton of resources and ways for digital startups to connect into potential investors, but it's going to take some scrappiness and relentless focus on getting it done because there are a lot of other startups pitching to the same investors right now.

Here are a few ways to start getting in front of investors:

  • Apply to an Accelerator like ExcelerateLabs that will put you through a 3-month program of incredible mentorship, strategy advice, and pitch readiness - then will put your business in front of hundreds of investors on Demo Day
  • Apply to a co-working space like 1871 or Catapult that have plenty of investors coming in for Office Hours and provide Workshops that can help you with your pitch
  • Apply for funding to an "angel group" like Hyde Park Angels who are a bunch of angels who invest together in early stage startups
  • Check out Angel List to find independent angel investors in your area who might be interested in businesses in your industry
  • Get on the roster for a TechnoriPitch or BuiltInChicago Launch to do a quick pitch of your business to a large group of investors, entrepreneurs, and technologists

There is no lack of resources and ways to find investors in Chicago - there's never been a better time to raise early-stage capital than right now - but you have to do your homework and network, network, network - nobody is going to come to you, you have to go and find the right investors for your business and close the deal.  Good luck!

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