Best Landing Page Designs: Codeacademy

by Katherine Leonard
August 3, 2012


To move up in the world of digital, you’ve got to have the skills to back up your brilliant ideas. Lucky for us, Codeacademy is a rich online toolbox just waiting to be tapped. We’ve heard a lot of buzz about Codeacademy, and for good reason – it’s a fun and interactive program that you can complete right alongside your friends.

Here’s why Codeacademy made our list of Best Landing Page Designs:

Clean, minimal layout  - The messaging on Codeacademy’s homepage is clear – no cheesy stock images, no competing graphics – just basic, straightforward info on what the product is and how to get started.

Code Academy

Jump right in to coding - Codeacademy wastes no time in getting users started; a box in the upper lefthand corner prompts the visitor to type his name with quotes around it, followed by a series of equally simple steps. And boom – 15 seconds in and you’re already learning to code! Try it out here.

Code Academy

Coaching - Learning to code can be a daunting task, but the team offers three reassuring details about the program to ward off any and all your excuses: learn to code websites and more, learn with friends and track your progress. So get started already.

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