Built in Chicago, Our City’s Largest Investor

February 2, 2012

The Code Academy story can’t be told without Built in Chicago. From day one, Built in Chicago has supported Code Academy by bringing our conversation to the city’s most influential entrepreneurs. These are conversations people would have killed for prior to Built in Chicago. Today, it’s as easy as a blog post.

It’s crazy to think a single post on Built in Chicago will seat you next to the likes of Troy Henikoff, Kevin Willer, Matt McCall, Matt Moog, and countless other highly invested business leaders and venture capitalists. But it’s not just them, it’s the rest the community that makes Built in Chicago such a success. It’s the pioneering spirit, the welcoming attitudes, and the insights from countless others. Simply put, Built in Chicago is the personification of the entrepreneurial spirit in Chicago, and we cannot thank them enough.

Whether it’s to create strategic partnerships, find prospective students, promote our events, or help plug our current students into the vibrant Chicago community, Built in Chicago will be the first place we go. It will continue to be our launchpad as we become Chicago’s next thought leader, and our way to energize Chicago about creating more builders. Built in Chicago will remain the source for startup coverage, entrepreneur updates, and for all the ideas festering in Chicago.

Join us and countless others for the first of many Built in Chicago Monthly Meetups next week, February 7th. You can bet Code Academy will be there in force.

Find us, chat with us. Then help us redefine what it means to be a Chicago entrepreneur.