@BuiltInChicago/@ExcelerateLabs Office Hours-May Dates Announced

Happy to announce a great lineup of mentors for the May office hours. Register today-slots are filling up quickly! Details below. We have only request to ensure both you, and the mentor, have a great experience--please prepare for your meeting by (1) selecting the mentor whose background is most closely aligned with the problem you are looking to solve, and (2) focus the 30 minute meeting on a specific problem (s).
Background on Office Hours
We believe a significant reason (among many others) for Chicago's uptick in entrepreneurial activity over the past few years is the increase in mentorship. Between the launch of Excelerate Labs, the CECs continued involvement in connecting mentors to entrepreneurs, and many other programs, Chicago startups are now surrounded by a safety net eager to support and ensure their continued success.

In partnership with Excelerate Labs, we have initiated the Digital Leaders "office hours". Chicago's most experienced entrepreneurs and corporate leaders will offer their time and expertise to nurture and mentor the next generation of entrepreneurs. The office hours will be held throughout the year, initially at the Excelerate Labs office and eventually at the Tech Center space (mid 2012). Thank you to the mentors who are participating in the upcoming sessions--entrepreneurs register today the slots fill up quickly! All new datesand mentors will be announced via Built in Chicago and twitter so be sure to Follow Us for more frequent updates.

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Upcoming Office Hours

May 8th (1:30-4:30 p.m.)

Troy Henikoff (Co-Founder & CEO, Excelerate Labs):http://ohours.org/troyhenikoff

May 17th (9 a.m.-12 p.m.)

Troy Henikoff (Co-Founder & CEO, Excelerate Labs):http://ohours.org/troyhenikoff

Joel Grossman (CTO, Leapfrog Online):http://ohr.me/Iqt788

Eric Lunt (CTO, BrightTag): http://ohr.me/IEXRVe

May 22nd (9 a.m.-12 p.m.)

Troy Henikoff (Co-Founder & CEO, Excelerate Labs): http://ohours.org/troyhenikoff

David Bonnette (CEO, Big Machines): http://ohours.org/officehours/6758

Jeff Carter (Co-Founder, Hyde Park Angels):http://ohours.org/pointsnfigures

Mike Boush (VP eCommerce, Discover): http://ohours.org/MikeBoush

Dan O'Neil (Executive Director, Smart Chicago Collaborative): http://ohours.org/officehours/7100

Merchandise Mart, 12th Floor

Chicago, IL