Chicago Entrepreneur Ryan Evans, of Rand Media Group, Launches Innovative PR Service for Small Business

July 5, 2011

What small business owner wouldn’t love to have their business mentioned in a newspaper, magazine or online news article?  The problem for most small businesses is that they either can’t afford, or refuse to budget for, a traditional PR firm that will cost them thousands of dollars in monthly retainer fees.  Owners, or the office admin (aka PR guru), end up scouring the web themselves in search of any press story requests, an option that is highly inefficient from a time perspective.


Ryan Evans, Chicago entrepreneur and President of Rand Media Group, recently launched Bitesize PR, a new service which he bills as ‘Cheap PR for Small Businesses.’  After hearing the frustration of customers about the time and cost associated with traditional PR firms, Evans decided to launch a subscription based PR solution that is both cost-effective and a time-saver.


The way it works is simple.  After selecting their preferred pricing plan, 3 pitches for $89/month or 5 pitches for $139/month, owners fill out a standard form with their contact information and business information.  Upon submission, Bitesize PR takes over and automatically searches several databases across the web each day in search of press opportunities relevant to the small business.

Once a match is found, a pitch is crafted in the voice of the business by one of Rand Media Group’s writers and sent directly to the reporter in a timely fashion.  Alternatively, an owner can choose to review each pitch before it is sent off.  Although this option slows the process down, each owner-approved pitch allows the writers to tweak future pitches to better capture the voice of the business.


If the reporter likes the pitch, voila!  The business gets mentioned in the press, earning plenty of public exposure and instant credibility in the eyes of potential customers.  Rinse and repeat.


The owner can focus on their core business, while the office admin can go back to playing solitaire in-between answering calls, emails and processing orders.


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