The Chicago Lean Startup Circle Wants to Set You Up On A HOT DATE!

May 8, 2012

There are many options for Chicagoans to search for a romantic relationship.  There is the old fashioned way of frequenting the bar, library or gym.  The internet has a plethora of options like OKcupid, eHarmony or Match.  But what about the most important relationship in any entrepreneur's life?  

Of course I am talking about your startup's cofounders!  (Sorry Mom)  

So where do entrepreneurs go to find the cofounders of their dreams?  

On May 17th, the Chicago Lean Startup Circle is hosting a Cofounder Speed Dating event at 1871.  Hear how a few famous Chicago founders discovered their cofounder, learn how you earn a cofounder in the lean startup, then join in on our Speed Dating for Cofounders event.

Attend the event with the intention of building a team, or joining a startup.  Sign up for the event on meetup, then reserve your Speed Dating ticket on eventbrite.

Cofounder Speed Dating works just like a classic speed dating event except everyone is looking for a business partner, not a romantic relationship.  Each round of speed dating will be two minutes.  In the first minute of each round  “team builders” describe their vision, skill set, and traction.  In the second half of the round it is the “team joiners” turn to make apparent their skills, experience, and why they are a good match for the venture.  Participants will have to get a ticket based on their skill set, and whether they are building or joining a team.  In this way entrepreneurs will build their network, and quickly meet a variety of qualified candidates.  We don’t recommend picking a Cofounder based on a two minute conversation, but build on a base of  first impressions with follow up discussions, and meetings to find a perfect match.

Find or build the startup team of your dreams.  To take part, sign up for the meetup and register your speed dating ticket on eventbrite.  

P.S. Make the most of the event.  Meet the right people with our freind Shortlist.