Chicago's Leapfrog Online Develops Winning Mobile Strategy for Time Warner Cable

June 8, 2012


Time Warner Cable's Mobile Strategy Recognized as Shining Star in Digital Portfolio

( CHICAGO, IL - Leapfrog Online (, one of the largest digital marketing companies in the United States, announced that its client, Time Warner Cable (TWC) saw mobile sales grow from roughly 0% to 10+% of total online sales in the first three months of the program’s launch, with numbers continuing to grow steadily each month. 

Profiled in a case study developed by Google, Time Warner Cable’s strong mobile results – delivered by Leapfrog Online as Time Warner Cable’s Mobile Agency — reinforces the growing importance of mobile marketing for our clients’ brands. It also underscores the urgency associated with integrating smart mobile strategies into the marketing and sales mix.

"We did our homework up-front and committed to delivering the right experience for mobile shoppers-from the minute they interacted with Time Warner Cable, all the way through to purchase," says Cass Baker, Executive Vice President of Leapfrog Online and head of the agency’s telecommunications practice. 

Key to success was Leapfrog Online and TWC’s commitment to building an integrated, end to end mobile strategy that not only identified the right mobile media buying opportunities, but also linked interested consumers to a rich, mobile focused ecommerce experience. Consumers drive the total experience, both online and offline, to ensure that regardless of whether they’re transacting on mobile devices, by telephone, or in-stores, consistency in messaging, offers, and experience was optimized and controlled.

According to Rob Roy, Vice President & GM, eCommerce & Interactive Marketing at TWC, "Through our innovation in this area, we have continued to see nothing but upside to mobile. We haven’t come close to seeing the limit of mobile’s value as a strategy for driving new customer revenue, as well as improved customer service, both in terms of quality and efficiency. We are committed to continuous innovation and investment in mobile marketing. As long as mobile customer growth is ROI positive, we will continue to invest in our mobile channel." 

Leapfrog Online is uniquely positioned to assess the impact of mobile on revenue and sales growth. Because the company earns its compensation based on the new revenue it generates for clients, Leapfrog evaluates every step of its marketing campaigns to ensure efficiency and impact from beginning (ad impressions) to end (actual sales). This approach has made the company’s mobile strategy tightly measurable and scalable.

Google’s case study about Leapfrog Online’s Mobile Marketing success is available for download from both Google and Leapfrog Online. Google also featured Leapfrog Online and Time Warner Cable’s groundbreaking success in a live interview today, which is available for download here. 

Stated y: "Leapfrog’s success is just further proof of what’s possible not Andy Miller, Google’s Head of Global Mobile Search and Strategonly with mobile advertising, but also with a broader mobile business strategy that includes a mobile optimized website, ads, and more."

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