Converscape - Chicago Lean Startup Challenge 2014

September 7, 2014


Converscape is a new type of digital agency providing social media strategies and content that meets convenience.  We want our client to take control of their marketing budget and let them choose what they want to spend on.  Converscape provides a list of à la carte social media services such as social media strategies, engagement and monitoring packages, content creation and analytics. We provide agency quality services at half the price tag with the convenience of picking the length of contract. 

The lean startup methodology has taught us a lot over the past 8 weeks. Our journey initially began with the idea of creating a platform of matching businesses with social media specialists. After speaking with numerous small businesses, we quickly found that their pain was not in finding content creators and managers, but in finding a social media management services that catered specifically to their needs. Some wanted only a monthly strategy with content, while others wanted an engagement package consisting of strategy, content and analytics. 

Here's what we learned so far from this challenge:

1. TALK TO YOUR CUSTOMERS!!!!! Getting out there and speaking with as many business owners as we could has helped us the most. We found that after every interview, we went back to our canvas and applied somehting new that we learned to our board. We were able to analyze our interviews and find patterns or words that came up alot to tweak our strategy.

2. SELL, SELL, SELL!!! We initally asked our potential clients what they would pay for different services, but were getting a variety of numbers thrown at us.  We then decided to present them with numbers went straight to selling. Surprisingly, many of our clients were willing to work with us to negotiate an affordable monthy price plan when we told them straight up what we charged for each service.

3. IT OKAY TO PIVOT, AND CHANGE YOUR PLAN!!! We were very hesitant to change our business plan and insisted on creating a platform. After speaking with our advisors and potential customers, we found that their pains differed from what we thought. This also goes back to speaking with a many people as you can. It really is easier to change a business plan in its initial stages, rather than to invest all your time and money into an idea that's only great in your head. 

Our Ask:

We're currently looking to partner with local PR firms who would like to offer their clients an enhanced social media presence.

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