The Coolest People in Chicago @CodeAcademy Demo Day Winter 2012

March 29, 2012

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An epic event took place on Wednesday March 28, 2012 @1871Chicago

The students of @CodeAcademy Winter 2012 including me Tom (Tomas) Ordonez presented what we did for the last 3 months. Ruby On Rails.

A list of all students presenting here

Some missing pictures. Sorry (cc Trey and a couple others)

I'd like to thank a couple of great people:

All the mentors and mine Ben Reinhart.

Kevin Willer and Caity Moran for letting us drink beer at 1871. When I should I move in?

Troy. You missed my presentation. That's ok. Just follow me on twitter or review my Excelerate application. No biggies.

Thanks to Code Academy for making this dream a reality


And to my people that supported me and inspired me including my brother Carlos Ordonez, my CTO Zeljko Dakic, my classmates Marcel and Chris. And the people that have inspired a lot through the last few months:John Schewe from FricketMark Lawrence from Spothero and Seth Kravitz from Technori.


In whatever order...Didn't have time to write a Ruby script to order this list.

(This article was orginally posted with posterous which is awful at formatting text. Maybe that's why twitter bought them)

This handsome hispanic guy is me. Presenting my startup Marketaero, my code and lessons learned.



  • Abhishek Pillai
  • CourseResource
  • @abhishekap3
  • Abi is a great team member and helped a lot of us with their apps. Hire him before Groupon does.







  • Ben Block
  • @benjjblock
  • Another awesome developer that put his 100% into the program.



  • Bryon Finke
  • Furnishly
  • @bryonfinke
  • The startup guy with the Exchange furniture marketplace. Finally something better than Craigslist




The crowd cannot believe there are so many smart people in one room presenting apps.


Jordan Dalton




Fabian Jahr





Digital Schoolhouse

Greg Cardoni, @cardoni

Adam Mark, @adamwmark

Eric MacAdie, @EMacAdie


This was Jeff's telling everybody not too drink too much and not to be late for the 2nd session.



One of The Amazing Mentors, JC Grubbs










The Man. Kevin Willer




Jeff honoring The Amazing Mentors



Crowd still cannot believe such an amazing, smart and talented group of students.




  • Nicholas Shank
  • FoodZoom
  • @NickShank
  • A designer and coder. Another A player







  • Kevin Musiorski
  • Wordzies
  • @wordzies
  • A message to you Rudy: You just became a desginer + developer = A player








  • Tim O'Meara
  • PlayDate
  • @timomeara1
  • Another great developer, fast learner and passionate about software development









  • Travis Fonvielle
  • Lean Interview
  • @TDQG