Data Security Information to Improve Your Defenses

September 13, 2017
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Data security information is not static. To improve your defenses, pay attention to the latest threats and look for aspects they have in common. Currently, the most effective attacks target user error and naivety. The best data security techniques reflect this data security information.
The Data Security Threat Forecast
The importance of data security has never been greater. Not only are there more threats than ever before, but these threats are also evolving to target previously secure systems. A firewall can keep out many low-level threats, but many of the most damaging data breaches in recent history are tied to the victim’s actions.
Ransomware is on the rise. Several major companies, including Apple, have suffered major breaches thanks to both ransomware and spyware. Although hackers can install such programs after breaching your defenses, the easier and more common route of infection is through downloadable content. Both legitimate and pirated content may contain threats. Mac users face the greatest threat due to their product culture. These users have been told since they bought their first Macs that all it would take to stay safe is a good firewall. Even if they downloaded dangerous files, no virus or malware could infiltrate their operating system. Those days are officially over. Attacks on Macs alone have risen several hundred times over in the last year alone.
Phishing attacks are also coming back into the limelight. Several major companies have been conned into surrendering data security information over the past several years. As phishing attacks grow more sophisticated, they become harder to spot, especially by hassled, untrained employees.
The Latest Data Security Techniques
One of the best ways to secure sensitive information is through multi-factor authentication. Although cyber criminals have found all kinds of new ways to exploit smart devices, using more than one piece of hardware can also provide businesses and individuals with critical protection. Multi-factor authentication demands users utilize multiple devices to acquire data security information. This could be a code sent to a smart phone that a user must enter before receiving access to private emails. Some businesses still see this step as an unnecessary obstacle in the regular workflow. Truthfully, taking the time for multi-factor authentication saves millions of dollars in losses for your business.
It’s important to remember that humans pose the greatest risk to any security system. One of the most important data security techniques has always been training. Businesses must remember that a single round of training won’t stop all losses, though. Just as data security information evolves, so too must training courses. Employees need at least one refresher and update course on data security threats every year. 
Learning from recent attacks gives businesses an advantage as they prepare their defenses. To fight ransomware and phishing attacks, you need to address the human element in your data security plans. By taking advantage of training and new techniques like multi-factor authentication, you can dramatically improve your day to day data security.