Do You Need Cyber Analytics?

September 12, 2017
Although cyber analytics are moving from luxuries to necessities in the eyes of most businesses, some remain unconvinced. If you don’t believe your business needs cyber security analytics, examine the points below and see if any apply to you. Chances are, you need cyber analytics more than you think.
You’ve Suffered Hacks or Breaches
This should be a clear sign that it’s time to move away from reactive measures and take a proactive approach to cyber security. Of all the challenges to cyber security threats available to businesses, cyber analytics is probably the best. Analytics pull actionable information out of data so users can see what the digits were hiding. If your business has been attacked once, it will be attacked again. Cyber analytics will give you the insight you need to stay ahead of those threats.
You Run a Unique Business
Every business is unique. No other business has your location, employees, and exact workflow. These factors don’t just make your business successful, however. They also make you a target. Contrary to popular belief, not all cyber criminals build malware to target anyone and everyone. They are often targeted to specific industries, businesses, regions, etc. Phishing attacks often become even more personal. They could target a specific department or even a specific employee. Cyber analytics gives you the informational vantage point needed to spot patterns and take action before criminals succeed. 
Remember, everything that sets you apart for customers also sets you apart for criminals. Even though they attack online, they could be visiting your business in person as a customer to spot potential weaknesses and lay the groundwork for their assault. Rather than developing unnecessary suspicions, however, you can use cyber analytics to figure out your weak points and develop new protection before anyone else discovers them.
Your Daily Business Takes You Online
Cyber security threats online represent the greatest risk any business faces in daily operations. While firewalls and antivirus software can deal with many of them, it’s always better to know how to protect yourself before the threat makes its move. Cyber analytics gives businesses the power to examine how their online behavior, services, and profile attract malware and other dangers. If your business uses the internet, which essentially all businesses do, you need cyber analytics in order to stay ahead of threats. This could be the difference between responding to a data breach and enjoying a day of business as usual. When you expose yourself to the highest number of threats, you need to know where the dangers are before they find you. 
The fact is, the vast majority of modern businesses need cyber analytics. Unless you are doing business with no internet, you need advanced protection to defend against advanced threats. You don’t have to suffer from hacks and malware infections if you know how to avoid them. Your unique business deserves unique security advice, and that’s exactly what cyber analytics provide.