eMazeMe Launches New Social Directory Site

by Chris Pauly
August 2, 2013

Finding, organizing and sharing businesses, service providers and places with your friends just got a whole lot easier with the launch of eMazeMe.com. Based on their own experiences, co-founders Chris Pauly & Brian Pigott realized that finding and recommending great businesses has become a very frustrating and time consuming process. eMazeMe allows you to share your favorite local photographer, dentist and contractor with your friends and request recommendations for a salon, hotel or restaurant anywhere in the world without all of the current daily hassles.

The eMazeMe team is solving an everyday problem that most people face. Hiring the wrong plumber or staying at the worst Bed & Breakfast no longer needs to happen. eMazeMe creates a powerful network that allows you to see what businesses and service providers your friends have added, and to organize your favorite providers in your own lists to share with friends at any time. “Using eMazeMe allows you to crowdsource the best businesses, providers and places from your friends without having to search 8 different places, to read reviews from strangers and to ask your friend to text you that name & number one more time,” said Chris Pauly, CEO. “eMazeMe is for anyone  who wants to build their own social directory of great businesses, share them with their friends and ask for recommendations for trustworthy places and services that they need but aren’t sure where to find,” he continued.




Based in Chicago, eMazeMe utilizes various API’s that allow the site to be accessed by users in Singapore, Dublin and even … Rapid City, SD. “Although we are currently a desktop application, we have optimized eMazeMe.com for mobile devices including smart phones and tablets,” said Brian Pigott, COO. “All of our features including adding, sharing, recommending and even dropping businesses and providers are accessible on any device and any browser,” Pigott continued.

eMazeMe’s features allow you to not only save your favorite businesses and trusted providers in one location, but also share these places with friends and request recommendations from the people you trust most. Users can add businesses from any location around the world, thereby creating their own list of providers which they can easily share with their friends. Because eMazeMe taps into the Yelp, Factual and Google API’s, eMazeMe has been able to create a deep and rich site that many have likened to a cross between Pinterest & Yelp. “Being able to see my friends list of businesses and providers both where I live and vacation, really helps me when planning a night out on the town, finding that great local landscaper and planning a weekend away in Michigan,” said Pauly.

Users can filter across multiple categories to easily search within their friends’ (and their friends of friends’) businesses and providers lists to find the top yogurt shop in Lincoln Park or where to repair their bike when out in the suburbs. Unlike other review sites and social platforms, you can search eMazeMe for the best doctors, electricians, barbers, and boutiques that your friends have added all in one place.

In addition to finding, organizing and sharing businesses and service providers, users can see stats on how many friends are on eMazeMe and how many providers their network has added, as well as see their friends’ activities to see who added that massage parlor in Bangkok.

Although eMazeMe is currently a desktop application, the company is hard at work developing a mobile solution for iOS on both phone and tablet, and later Android.

For more information on eMazeMe and to sign up today, visit eMazeMe.com



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