Get Your Mojo Going at Enerspace

June 6, 2012

Coworking spaces are places where startups, small business owners and independent professionals can buy flexible, month-to-month memberships and be a part of a community, share resources, learn, collaborate, drink a lot of coffee and make a lot of things happen without having to listen to blenders in the background and have wifi access that doesn’t expire in two hours.  1871 is doing a long list of amazing things including creating awareness for the concept of coworking in Chicago.   We’re hearing that 1871 is filling up.  Do not despair.  Do not retreat back to your dingy basement, kids’ playroom, stuffy corporate office where they charge you $125 a pop to use a headset on your phone or the coffeeshop with Craig’s List furniture.  

Come to Enerspace’s first Coworking location in the West Loop.  We too are supporting the start-up energy in Chicago. We have a diverse community of members you’d love to call your “coworkers” including several tech start-ups (all but one are women-run), a team of Code Academy alums, designers, inventors, marketing consultants, e-learning designers, event planners and more.  They come from all over the city because we have easy street parking, and are a short walk from the Grand blue line and Morgan green line stops.  They are lovers of high end tea, French vanilla creamer, Kombucha, foot powered scooters, Butterfly Thai food, walking around the office in socks, breakdancing and neighborhood bars for happy hour.  

After years in start-ups (tech and healthcare), an MBA and a stint at a company that makes a lot of stuff your kids shouldn’t eat, I was looking for a way to combine my passions for entrepreneurship and health and wellness.  I believe that you can’t do your best thinking, communicating, or creating, without some good food, some exercise and some natural light.  Enerspace is in a loft building with ridiculous amounts of natural light, a full view of the Chicago skyline, a fitness space, changing rooms, and a shower about to be completed.  Yoga, training sessions, lunch time runs, bike to work and shower...whatever gets your mojo going.  And go ahead and pack your lunch because we have a full sized fridge for storage.  The big vision for Enerspace is to change the work/health paradigm over time, community by community.  

We have all the amenities you need to get your work done in space professionally designed to make you happy, inspired and productive every day.  Flexible monthly memberships available.

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