Hack-a-Train: Hack on the CTA!

May 18, 2012

A daily commute can be a daunting task, especially when things don’t go smoothly. There are a few applications both mobile and web based which can make a customer’s CTA voyage a bit more enjoyable, but from the complaints and delays I hear and see, things can certainly be better.

Recently, RoboToaster has partnered up with Tom Ordonez - Co-founder of Marketaero.com and creator of the Hack-a-Train initiative - to assist in the promotion of the event which will be held on June 16th.

Still wonder what Hack-a-Train is all about? No, it’s not an evil plot to take over the city’s train system in hopes of gaining millions of dollars or have the city bow down to your commands. Hack-a-Train is an event put on by awesome people for developers and designers to build an application which will be showcased on June 16th. Development starts as soon as you register.

This isn’t your typical hack fest. Hack-a-Train has partnered up with Code Academy to obtain a dedicated WiFi enabled train specifically for developers to build their application while cruising the Brown line around the city. This is the first time Chicago has seen a moving Hackathon, so if you’re interested in building a product that will help your commute while becoming part of history then you should apply!