Home Sweet Chicago

March 27, 2012

As a relatively new company, we at Fippex are excited about the Chicago entrepreneurial community. There is a lot happening and lately, we’ve been feeling extremely welcome and inspired by the business leaders of Chicago and we’d like to tell you why.

World Business Chicago’s 2012 Plan for Economic Growth and Jobs focuses on enhancing the business environment in Chicago through “supporting and fostering innovation in mature and emerging sectors.”  As part of the emerging sector in this sense, we are ecstatic that Rahm Emanuel and fellow associates at WBC are taking the time to remember us. After all, this nurturing spirit contributed to the 128 newly launched companies last year. And who knows how many more bright entrepreneurs are out there with great ideas. Even Crain's Chicago Business has almost 60 interviews in their section “Entrepreneurs in Action,” which speaks with each entrepreneur and highlights his or her company’s innovation and growth. Who wouldn’t want to be in a city that does such an amazing job of making us entrepreneurs feel so important?

We also appreciate how Built in Chicago’s community supports and fosters the emerging sector and we’re glad to be a part of it.  This network of hardworking individuals inspires us to take risks and reach beyond expectations. We’ve seen what small companies in Chicago are capable of and we’re hoping to jump on the train (or El) headed for success.

Oh and don’t forget that famous Chicago work ethic.  I love how it was powerfully described in a recent video on the blog for new entrepreneurial center 1871.  The poem about Chicago is uplifting, but the following line resonated with me most, accurately describing the blood, sweat, and tears we all put into our work.

“This is the home of the 9-to-5, the home of overtime, of the double shift.                                                                   There is sweat in our blood.  Chicago burns with brilliance.”

Due to the support of our colleagues, the nurturing environment of this city, and the inspiration we have developed from the work ethic of our peers…we look forward to playing a small part in the success of our growing community.  We hope to continue fostering an environment for creativity and innovation so that we all may continue to make Chicago the best city in the world for small business. Let’s get epic ya'll.