How Mobility can Simplify your Sales Process?

August 31, 2013

Having  Mobile Sales Application can be a great idea for your Business!

New developments recently noticed in the mobile technology industry have made life much easier. Smartphones and tablet devices flourishing in this generation has made long way for software companies to develop new programs and applications for users.

This has brought a much lot of interest among business people. Development of mobile apps is with the purpose of helping business people increase their sales and revenue and provide them convenience of marketing their products/services.

The combination of ever-increasing power of mobility and the young tech savvy sales workers in the organization is profoundly changing the way business is accompanied. Mobile workers are accessed with the easy connection of information without a need to be tethered at their desk.


Main goal of any mobile sales app is to provide right sales tool at the right time and place. So it becomes important for the business to opt for an app that covers all required components for streamlining daily sales operations.

  • It should act like a Lead Tracking tool that will help enterprises monitor a potential customer throughout all stages. This will help to lose less leads.
  • It should include an Inventory Control system which is important for a product-based or service-based company.
  • It should include Comprehensive Metrics and Reporting tools that keep enterprises updated on various aspects of customer management.

Customized mobile sales applications are specifically created for meeting needs of organizations, small or large, which are visually appealing and intuitive to use.

Major benefit of using mobile sales app is – increased responsiveness to all customers. That is, field personnel can reach any customer as well as customer can reach concerned person, anytime and anywhere. Moreover, by receiving information in real-time – sales reps can take necessary action based on the info received. This provides them competitive edge and improved business productivity.

Sales representatives spend less time on administrative tasks with these apps and deliver quality results by direct interacting with customers. On the other hand, enterprises have the benefit of spending less on printed sales materials and sales processes records.

Zuna is our new Business Sales Mobile Solution offering businesses to improve overall sales experience of their enterprise resulting to growth and success.

  • It is a business sales application that is compatible with every mobile device. With Zuna, enterprises can showcase their range of products and services to their clients on the go.
  • It helps your company to generate an online catalog with simple and easy way to setup.

The main objective is to support sales professionals of enterprises who frequently work outside and process orders quickly to improve overall productivity.

Visit to know more about Zuna, its key features, how it Works, and about its plan and pricing.